aliens don’t wanna hang out with us because we’re embarrassing and also still capitalist

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Grimes by Holly Andres for The New York Times


A recent trend on RTE (Irish TV) chat shows - random audience members turning to stare into the cameras during audience cut-aways.

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“You possess the most
magnificent mouth.
Mouth like rinse clean,
like resistance,
like I’m going to erase all the others
who came before me.
Mouth that formed the words
“Come here,” and I did,
and I wasn’t afraid.
I close my eyes and
see your clothes floating
in the lake. I open them
and envision you wearing a
flower crown, the rain just
beginning to fall outside
and us, slow-dancing in it.
You are made for poetry
and it is killing me.
Here, these words.
Here, another metaphor
for the heart.
Here, my heart on the table,
waiting to be dissected.”

 —jessica therese, “Magnificent Mouth” (via contramonte)

Emma Watson - MTV Movie Awards 2011 - after party 

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Her Minajesty

Nicki Minaj by Jeff Bark

Styled by Robbie Spencer

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my girlfriend told me a few months ago how much she liked/wanted to get these throw pillows from soc6 for her and her dog. and I bought them for her birthday which is next week. I know she can be picky about gifts (and tbh I’m the same way) so I wanted to get her something i know she would like? good girlfriend award??


I photographed the lovely Ana Kras and her apartment for T Magazine. 

See the feature on the NYTimes website here:

(Photos: Brian Ferry for T Magazine)

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christina ramberg


christina ramberg

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